How to Reduce a PDF File Size

Step by step
How to Reduce a PDF File Size

PDFs are a great piece of technology, able to send to a variety of files to computers and devices around the world. The only issue is that PDFs can be a huge file that won’t actually send through the Internet. It would be great to shrink these files, so you can get work done, right? Well, now you can learn to reduce a PDF File Size and fix all your transfer issues. This will help you save space and time when sending to people across the Internet.

Pick Your File

file click circled

First, pick the file that you want to send or store on your computer. You can use a format other than a PDF or pick a file that is already a PDF. Open the file to get started, so you can start working on your reduction.

Clicking The “File” Tab

file tab macbook

Once the file is opened, go to the top, left-corner of the screen and click the “File” button. This will bring down a drop down option with plenty of choices to choose from.

Export The File

export pdf

Next, you will need to export the file. Scroll down from the “File” tab, and click the “Export” button towards the middle of your options. This will direct you to a new box to start reducing the file of your choice.

Saving Options

pdf save options

After you hit the “Export” button, you will have quite a few options to run through. First, you can change the name of the file in the “Export As” section. Remember, you can’t name the file the same thing, or the file will replace the old one. You can also tag the folder if you would like. Lastly, you can choose where your want your file to save in the “Where” section.

Changing The Format

pdf format

At this point, you will be able to pick what kind of file you want on your computer. If your file is not a PDF leading up to this, make it a PDF now, so you can reduce the file. There are also other file types you can choose in this setting.

Reducing With The Quartz Filter

pdf reduce

This last option is the one that will actually reduce your PDF file size. Click the “Quartz Filter” option, scroll down, and choose “Reduce File Size.” You are almost done!

Saving What You Have Done

pdf save screenshot

Make sure you save everything when you have completed this process. There is nothing worse than fixing something how you want it and you do not save your file. Do yourself a favor and make it easy on yourself.

Reducing a PDF File is actually very simple to accomplish. Follow these steps for your Apple product, and you will garner more space today, while sending PDFs across the Internet with ease!

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