How to Use Yelp

Step by step
How to Use Yelp

Yelp is a website that allows customers to rate and post reviews of local businesses with which they have dealt. If you are looking to create a Yelp account and learn how to use Yelp, read the steps below.  

Create a Yelp Account

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To get started, start your web browser on your computer, and enter yelp.com. The homepage will appear, click the white sign up button in the top right-hand corner. You can either sign up with Facebook or an email. Enter your first name, last name, email, a password, a zip code, and your birthday. Then click the red sign up button. And your Yelp account is now ready and active to use!

Search Yelp

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To search yelp, click on the search bar in the middle of the home page that says find, and type whatever business you're looking for. Or click on one of the categories provided when you click the search bar. Then click on the second search bar, and make sure it's searching in the city you're located, then click the red magnifying glass. I searched for restaurants in the Tallahassee area. A page will appear with all the restaurants in Tallahassee, starting with what’s closest to me with a map on the right showing where they are.

You can refine your search with filters at the top of the screen such as if they deliver or how much they cost. Underneath each restaurant name is a rating of 1-5 stars and a money sign ($) from 1-4 showing how expensive it is. You will see a picture of a popular item they sell, their address, and a top-rated review. Click on it to see more, from here you can even order from the restaurant. 

Write a Review

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After finding the business you like (or didn’t like) click on it to leave a review. Click the red write a review button at the top of the screen. In your review box, there are five grayed out stars at the top. Click a number of stars you think the restaurant should have, then write your review below. Click the check below the text box to share on Facebook, then click the red post review button underneath the review box. 

See Profile & Notifications

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Click the white bell in the top right-hand corner to see notifications. This also takes you directly to your profile since they are both in the same place. There are categories on the left side of the screen to see everything on your profile. 

Cash Back

yelp cash back screenshot

Click the outline of a person button and click cash back. This is a newer feature to Yelp. Click the red sign up button to sign up with your debit/credit cards to receive 10% cash back at participating businesses through Yelp. 

Now you know how to use Yelp!

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