How to Use Spotify

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How to Use Spotify

As digital media becomes the new norm in home entertainment, apps such as Spotify offer users almost boundless personal libraries which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time and on different electronic devices.

Spotify now boasts in excess of over 50 million paying subscribers which makes it the most popular on-demand service in the world today.  What makes it more appealing for many people though, is the free version which provides access to the same content as the paid version and as you’ll see below, Spotify is a simple yet powerful tool. Read on to find out how to download and use Spotify!

Sign Up for Free Account

spotify sign up screenshot

In the top-right corner of the Spotify homepage is an option for new users to sign up to this service. This will present a short form that can be completed in one of two ways.

To sign up via Facebook, you must be logged into your Facebook account in a separate window on your web browser, then clicking the blue Sign up with Facebook option will automatically create your account and allow you to sync it with those of your Facebook friends.

The more traditional route is to use your email address and fill in the required fields such as username, new account password and your date of birth. After completing either of these options, you will then need to read the current list of terms and conditions of use, agreeing to which will initiate your account.

Download Spotify

spotify screenshot software

Spotify has its own dedicated player which you can download for free from their website. This allows you to use the account to its full potential and is available by choosing the Download option at the top-right corner of their website.

The automatic download will then give you an execution file (.exe) which can be used to install the software onto your computer. You will need to repeat this process on each computer that you wish to use your account to stream from or alternatively, download the relevant Spotify app for other devices which you wish to use.

Basic Features

man listening to spotify headphones

More than a simple search engine to help you find a song or album that you want to listen too, Spotify has a range of features to help you locate music of interest. You can follow artists and bands as well as search for similar music based on a particular song.

Spotify also features the latest charts, radio stations, new releases and playlist sections that you would expect from such an app, but it truly comes into its own with the discovery weekly section which accurately recommends new music based upon your listening history.

Advanced Features

spotify discover mix tape

Even the free version of Spotify allows for some fairly advanced ways to tailor the way you choose and discover new music to listen too.  While not every artist is available on Spotify, you can import your own music which allows you to fill the gaps, as well as:

  • Quick and simple playlist creation and queueing of tracks
  • Search modifiers to help look for specific ranges of songs such as year of release or genre
  • Link with your friends to see their listening choices or create collaborative playlists over the internet
  • Linking sections of a song to friends
  • Recover deleted and lost playlists
  • For workout sessions, interactive soundtracks can choose music depending on how fast you’re running

Upgrade to Premium

spotify logo with king crown

Like many other streaming services, Spotify offers a free month’s trial with their premium package to allow you to judge for yourself whether the service is worth the fee based on your own needs. With a price structure that includes single use, family packages and student discounts, the list of immediate benefits which come with the upgrade include:

  • No adverts between songs
  • Higher quality of audio streaming
  • Ability to download tracks for offline streaming
  • Increased functionality with the mobile app

The choice of using the free or the premium site is entirely personal but after becoming accustomed to the free version, you have nothing to lose by accepting the free trial to explore the benefits first-hand. Currently, Spotify also offers the first three months of paid subscription at a huge discount, which again can be cancelled at any time you wish. 

However, if you find that premium is not for you, you can always continue using the free version which has access to over 30 million songs.

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