How to Use Splitwise

Do you have bills or expenses in your life that you have to share or separate on a regular basis? Looking for an easier way to split the rent payments, utility bills, and make sure everyone gets paid back? Look no further. Splitwise is a new and free tool for friends and roommates to track bills and other shared expenses so that everyone gets paid back. You can use Splitwise on the web, Android, and iPhone!

I’ve created an easy to follow four-step guide on how to use Splitwise to begin tracking bills and shared expenses with your friends, roommates, and more today!

Navigate to Splitwise

Search for Splitwise

Start by heading to your preferred browser or app store on Android or iPhone devices. Search the menu for Splitwise and you will be brought to a screen similar to the image above (if you are browsing the web). Click on the link for Splitwise and we will get started showing you the site and what is possible with this great free tool for shared expenses, bills and more.

Welcome to Splitwise

Splitwise Homepage

As displayed in the image above Splitwise can be used for many purposes. Share bills and IOU’s. Make sure everyone actually gets paid back. All totally free for web, Android and iPhone. The main menu page will allow you to sign up for a new account for free or login to your existing Splitwise menu. Go ahead and click on ‘Get started now’ and we will take you into the menu and discuss using Splitwise.

Main Menu & Getting Started

Splitwise Getting Started Menu

Welcome to the main dashboard of Splitwise. As you can see it is rather straightforward. Once you add friends, add a bill, or settle up old bills you will begin seeing how Splitwise works. You can add friends via email and create a group to help keep things neat and orderly.

Fairness Calculator

Splitwise Fairness Calculator

One thing I find very useful is the ‘Fairness Calculator’ by Splitwise. Splitwise says, "Wondering what’s fair? Let us help.”. When you have any questions relating to splitting rent for the apartment, renters insurance, buying or selling furniture, going on a trip with friends or more - be sure to check it out and see what is fair to you based on your expenses and projected bills. You can see what is fair without getting into fights or arguments with friends based on who ate what and who spent what.

Splitwise eliminates the uncertainty of expenses. I’ve used this on big group trips with friends and it makes it easy for one or two people to manage the expenses, pay for group dinners and then send out bills for each person based on the app. It is a user-friendly app that helps keep track of everything.

I hope you enjoyed this simple guide on how to use Splitwise and are excited to start simply sharing bills and expenses today!

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