How to Use PayPal (Desktop)

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How to Use PayPal (Desktop)

When transferring money, you need to be connected with a site that is easy, yet safe, making sure your money arrives to the place it is intended for. That is why everyone should use PayPal. On your computer, you can easily navigate through their site to send and request payments along with many other options to choose from. 

Opening a Browser

paypal browser screenshot

First, open up an internet browser on your computer. For Macs, look for the Safari icon, and for Windows, click the “Start” button or find the icon on the desktop. Then, type in the URL, paypal.com, or search for PayPal in a search engine.

PayPal Main Screen

paypal main screen screenshot

On the PayPal main screen, you will see a variety of options where you can look up more information on personal and business accounts, as well as ways to send and request money. But, before you can do any of that, you will need to log-in or sign up for an account. Click on the “Log In” or the “Sign Up” button on the top, right-hand side of the screen. 

Logging In or Signing Up

paypal login

After you have clicked one of the options, you will embark on opening your account through PayPal. This is where you can either log-in or sign up for an account. To log-in, type in your email and password that you have created in the past. If you have never signed up before, hit the “Sign Up” button to have PayPal walk you through the steps to create an account. 

Special Offer Page

paypal offer special

After you have logged into your account, a special offer page may or may not pop onto your screen, depending on what PayPal is trying to market to its consumers. This is a way PayPal can advertise a product of theirs that you might be interested in. If you are interested in the product, click the “Learn More” button for more information, and, if not, click the “Proceed to Account Overview” at the bottom, righthand side of the screen, or by clicking “My PayPal” at the top, righthand side of the screen.

Top Tab

paypal top tab

Now that you are on the main screen, notice the blue tab at the top of the screen. From left to right, you will see options to see the summary of your account, transaction activity, send and request options, what cards you have in your PayPal wallet, and many other things. Also, log out of your account, by hitting the “Log Out” button on the top, righthand side of the screen. 

Sending and Requesting Money

paypal money screenshot

If you are looking to complete a transaction, click the “Pay or send money” button. Once you have clicked the icon, PayPal will ask you how much money you want to send or receive, which contact you will make the transaction with, and then you will have to approve the transaction. 

Using PayPal online is a great way to transfer money quickly. You will be able to get a lot done by using this site. 

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