How to Use Omegle

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How to Use Omegle

Have you tried a lot of websites to make new friends? Are you sick of the chat sites that don’t work for you? Still looking to make friends that will truly stick around? How about you try Omegle? This is a chat-line that is free to its users. Also, this is an anonymous program that keeps your identity safe. Anyone can use this program with no required registration. Since it is so easy to use, start meeting new people today and make friends for a lifetime. At any given time, you can chat with one of their 25,000 users.

Get Chatting!

omegle google screenshot

To start online chatting on Omegle, you need an Internet connection. Search Omegle on a search engine, or type in omegle.com. There will be a few things you need to follow while on Omegle. You (1) must be 13 years or older to use this site, (2) must have permission from a parent or guardian if you are 18 years or younger, (3) nothing illegal can happen while you are using the site, and (4) no material can be shown, like nudity, on their site.

Texting or Video Options

omegle text video

While on Omegle, you have two ways that you can chat: text or video. At the bottom, righthand side of the main screen, you will see the words “Start Chatting” with the two choices below.

  1. Text allows you the opportunity to chat via text messaging
  2. Video will allow someone to see you and hear your voice. If you choose the Video option, you will need to make sure that you have a working microphone and webcam on your computer. Without these devices, you will not be able to use this feature.

Choose the option you are most comfortable with using.

Chat Box

omegle chat box screenshot

If you choose the Text option, Omegle will connect you with a stranger you can talk with right away. You can type a message, and then push the “Send” button or by pressing the enter key on your computer. When you are done chatting with your new friend on Omegle, you can click the “Stop” button on the bottom, lefthand side of the screen.

Also, Esc can be used to leave the chat. Omegle will ask you “Really?” and click it one more time to end the text chat. Sometimes, you will notice that strangers leave the chat room really quickly. Don’t take this as a personal gesture to your character. A lot of strangers like to go quickly through Omegle to find the appropriate person to chat with.

Use Omegle to start chatting with new people today. You will make friends in no time.

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