How to Use Netflix

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How to Use Netflix

Regarded by many as the world’s leading entertainment streaming service, Netflix continues to go from strength-to-strength due to a wide range of benefits. This includes an easy to use interface, optimised for different viewing platforms, and unparalleled convenience in usage with no fixed contract length and an obligatory one-month free trial when you open an account.

A subscription allows you access to thousands of movies and TV shows, including their own high-profile series productions, with the available content constantly being revised to offer users even more choice. Read on to find out how to log into and use Netflix.

Choose a Plan

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While much of the Netflix marketing material advertises a specific monthly price for using their service, Netflix actually offers three different levels of membership: basic, standard and advanced. It’s also worth noting that Netflix offers the flexibility to either up or downgrade your chosen package at any time.

Other than price, the main differences between these packages are the number of simultaneous screens you can view your account and the quality of the streams you stream. As such, a good place to begin is by testing your network connection to ensure you’re not paying for a service that you are unable to take advantage of.

Signing Up

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To begin using Netflix, the first thing you will need is a Netflix account.  This can be set up through several different platforms but accessing their website is the more regular route to achieving this.

The whole process is also refreshingly quick and simple with only two main stages involved.  First, you will need to provide your email address along with a new password for your Netflix account.  Secondly, you set up a payment method which will be used if you decide to continue your subscription upon the expiry of the free trial period.  No money is initially taken and Netflix will notify you three days in advance of the trials conclusion by email, allowing you to make a decision on whether to continue using and pay for the service.

Add Phone Number

netflix on phone

It is a good idea to connect a mobile phone number to your account next, as this can then be used in the event of a forgotten password.  In the Your Account section of their website, you will need to confirm your number by entering a six-digit verification code that will be sent to your mobile.

Start Watching!

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Once you have your account set up and you’ve received a confirmation email to clarify this, you’re ready to start viewing the available streams, unlimited.  From here you have a choice of how you wish to view Netflix, including:

  • Computer / Laptop
  • Mobile phone
  • iPad / Tablet
  • Games console
  • Smart TV
  • Set-top boxes
  • Streaming media players
  • Blu-ray players

Simply navigate the Netflix app or web browser from any of these devices to the Netflix homepage and login to your account.  Once activating your device through another verification code, you’re ready to go.

Note that you will need to log out when finished viewing if you use more platforms to access Netflix than the allowed number of simultaneous screens your package permits and that it is wise to monitor your data usage from certain devices to prevent incurring additional charges for excessive data use.

Last Chance

netflix finger pointing

A good place to start looking for content to view is on their last chance page which lists all of the films and shows which will soon be removed from the site. 

As part of Netflix’s policy in refreshing their content to provide new material to watch, this inevitably means that some content will also be removed. Before it does disappear from their library, it will be featured in the last chance section giving you the opportunity to view it before its removal.


With Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu, Showtime and many smaller competitors also entering the marketplace, there’s a great amount of choice currently available in video streaming services. 

Taste should be the overall deciding factor when choosing which provider is best for you, as paying for the cheapest service is not necessarily the best value if it features little content of interest.  For this reason, taking advantage of the free trial period offered by Netflix is a valuable way to inform your decision.



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