How to Use Asana

Asana is an incredibly powerful tool for both business and personal use to track your team's work & manage projects. The great part of becoming familiar with Asana is that it is free to use, simple to get started with, and has the potential to run your entire business (if you desire that). You’ll come to realize the simplicity of Asana while you becoming better and more efficient at a project and team management.

I’ve created a new, simple, and easy to follow guide on how to use Asana to start tracking your teams and managing your projects today! Let’s get started!

Navigate to Asana

Search the web for Asana

First, head on over to your preferred web or Internet browser. This can be any of the following: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

Search for Asana (see image above) and click on the circled link above. This will bring to Asana for us to begin exploring Asana and closer to simply and efficiently managing our work.

What is Asana?

Details on what Asana is.

Welcome to Asana - a tool to help manage projects from start to finish. Asana will assist with breaking down goals, objectives, and ideas, while turning them into actionable tasks to get more done.

Productivity is crucial, Asana will help you move projects forward and focus on what is most important to your project at hand.

Pricing Options

Package and price options for Asana

You have three options to buy or download Asana. (See image above)

  1. The first is free, which gives you some basic features and access to the software including unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations with up to 15 team members.
  2. With their premium service at $9.99 per member per month, you gain all the free features plus unlimited dashboards and important advanced search and reporting for better team management and tracking.
  3. Enterprise is a more advanced option that will require a discussion and meeting with an Asana team member to determine your pricing.

Interface and Getting Started

Asana Main Page

As you can see (image above), the interface is simple and easy to use. You can manage tasks that are not started, in progress, or see what is completed. You can add members and track conversations, ideas, thoughts and more regarding specific project milestones.

Technology Integration

Asana technology integrations

What I believe to be a rather important aspect of Asana is the ability to integrate with other major companies to increase productivity and application management. Asana integrates with; Dropbox, Slack, Chrome, Okta, Github, Google Drive, and more. These integrations (see descriptions above) will help you find the power of Asana at your fingertips.


Asana Testimonials

Above I’ve included a list of testimonials of organizations who support Asana. As they say, “Teams that want results use Asana”. This has never been truer. Take a look at some of the companies on this list to realize the value of the product that will indeed get you results.

I hope this five-step guide on how to use Asana has helped you out today.

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