How to Use 9gag

Step by step
How to Use 9gag

Are you looking for something new to keep you entertained on the Internet? Do you love pictures, GIFs, and videos? Then, you should learn the inner-workings of 9gag on the Web. This social media outlet is an app, too, where you can spend hours scrolling through some of the funniest posts around.

Open a Browser

browser 9gag screenshot

Find the browser you want to use, and either type “9GAG” into the search engine, or type in this URL: 9gag.com. This will bring you to their website.

9gag Main Screen

9gag main screen screenshot

On the main screen, make sure you know the basics. At the top of the window, is a black highlighted bar, which has constant options you can always choose. Just below that are common themes where you can see pictures, GIFs, and videos you are interested in. Lastly, you will notice a main feed that you can scroll down the page, on the left-hand side of the screen.

Getting Started

9gag getting started

Before you start perusing 9GAG, you should log in or sign up first. This will allow you to interact on the website, by commenting and voting for material. 

Logging In

9gag logging in

If you already have an account with 9GAG, you can log-in, by going to the top, righthand side of the screen, and clicking the “Log In” button. When you click this, you will have options to log-in with Facebook or Google Plus. The last way you can log-in involves typing in a username and password. If you have forgotten you password at anytime, click the “Forgot Password” link in the bottom, righthand corner.

Signing Up

signing up

Signing up is similar to logging in. You can use Facebook, Google Plus, or create a username and password. Find the “Sign Up” button at the top, righthand corner of the 9GAG main screen.

Interacting with a Post

post 9gag screenshot

After you have logged into 9GAG, you will now be able to interact with a posting. To do this, find a feed you are interested in. Below each post will be an up arrow, a down arrow, a comment bubble, and three dots, which allows for more options. If you like the post, you can push the up arrow, and if you don’t agree with it, then you can push the down arrow.

Commenting and More

9gag comment screenshot

When looking to comment on a post, click the icon that looks like a message bubble. This will open you to a new screen, where you can type up to 1000 characters and add emojis, if you are so inclined. When you are finished with you post, click the “Post” button to finish the process.

9gag is a great way to pass the time, and enjoy pictures, GIFS, and videos from around the world. The more you connect with this website, the more you will enjoy your time.

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