How to Unfriend on Facebook

It might just be a force of habit. Or perhaps you've drifted apart from several friends. Or you need to do a Facebook 'culling'. You may also want to unfriend a friend on Facebook if you have discovered they hold different values and views to the extent you cannot bear them on your feed. Or perhaps you want to unfriend a friend on Facebook as you have found out they have been following you excessively. Whatever your reason is, there will be a time where you will want to unfriend a friend on Facebook. And it’s now easier than ever. We can show you how to unfriend people you used to know on Facebook.

Find the Profile

facebook profile screenshot

Go to the person's profile whom you wish to unfriend on Facebook.

Drop Down List

facebook drop down unfriend

Go to the drop down list under 'Friends' and you will find the option to 'Unfriend' this person. 


facebook profile add friend

Select unfriend and you will then see them as no longer being in your friends list. You can confirm this when you see the option to 'Add Friend.'

Facebook will additionally not permit the friend whom you wish to unfriend know that you are no longer their friend, for your privacy and safety. So this is a great and safe way to restrict the number of people whose content you no longer want to see on your feed.

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