How To Play 94%

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How To Play 94%

Are you sick and tired of the old games you have on your device and are looking for a new one to help pass the time? Then, you should consider playing 94% - Trivia & Logic. This game gives you a category and asks you to think of items that fit into it. These items are legitimately 94% of what people would also say fit in the category. Try some different levels and get to playing today.

Download The Game

download 94% screenshot

Start by going to your App Store and downloading the game “94% - Trivia & Logic.” Click the “Get” button. Your phone might ask you for a password or it will start downloading automatically. Click “Open” or click the app on your main screen to start gaming.

Game Settings

game screenshot 94%

Next, the game 94% will ask you what language you want the game to be in and from what country you come from. This helps the creators of this app to know where their game is being played, and it will help you by keeping the game in your language.

Pick A Level

94% level screenshot

Once you enter the game, there are levels you can pick to play in the game. If you are playing for the first time, later levels will be locked to you until you have passed the earlier ones first. But, once you have passed the level, it is open to you as long as you play the game.

Game Time

game 94% screenshot

Now that you have picked your level, the game will give you a category like this one: “Things you find in a pencil case.” Down at the bottom, you can type in your word and tap the “+” button when you are done to see if your answer is correct.

Helpful Hints

hints 94%

The lightbulb icon at the bottom, left-hand side of your screen can give helpful hints, if you are in need. But, be warned that you only have so many during each level, so you can’t use these answers to get you by every time.

Star Rewards

star 94% rewards

When you finish a level, you will see a star appear next to the level you passed. The goal is to receive stars every level, but sometimes you get less than a star if you use too many hints or you don’t finish a level.

Share With Friends

friends 94%

Every time you finish a level, you will have two options at the bottom of the screen. First, you can share the fact that you are awesome and passed a level on 94% by hitting the “Share” button. Another thing you can do is continue with the game and see how many levels you can accomplish.

94% is a fun and addictive game that everyone should try in their lifetime. Play solo or with friends and see all the levels you can get through.

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