How to Login to Wells Fargo Online Banking

How to Login to Wells Fargo Online Banking

Thanks to a world of smartphone apps, personal computers and convince, you no longer have to make a trip to the bank to do simple banking tasks like check your balance, transfer money, and even open new bank accounts from anywhere you have access to your computer or smartphone and an internet connect. If you haven’t figured out the process, this is a guide to help you figure out exactly how to login to your Wells Fargo Bank Account Online. Whether you are using your computer or your smart phone, this guide can help you.

Web Browser

  1. Open the Web Browser and Type the URL

wells fargo login online

The Wells Fargo website words with all of the most common web browsers, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari, and anything in between. Once you have opened the web browser of you choice, you to the search bar at the top of the screen and type: wellsfargo.com and press “Enter”. This should take you directly to the Wells Fargo homepage.

  1. Type in Your Username and Password

wells fargo login desktop screenshot

On the left side of the Wells Fargo homepage, there is a place where you can type your username and your password to log into your online bank account. Once you have enter the information, click “Go” or press “Enter”. Then you should have access to your account information.

Smartphone App

Whether you are using an Apple or Android device, the process is relatively the same. For this guide, we will be using screenshots from an Apple iPhone but you can follow the same steps on an standard Android device as well.

  1. Open the App Store or Google Play

wells fargo app screenshot

Whether you are using an Apple device or an Android device, open the store app on your phone and go to the search option. Look for the Wells Fargo app. Once you have found it, download it and install it just like any other app on your phone.

  1. Open Wells Fargo App

wells fargo app screenshot app

Once the app is downloaded and installed, find the app on your phone and press it to open it. This will being you to the app login screen.

  1. Type in Your Username and Password

wells fargo app screenshot username password

You will be prompted to enter your username and password on the login screen as soon as the app opens. Enter the required information correctly, press “Sign On”, wait for verification and you should have access to your account.

Three Easy Steps!

Three easy steps and you have access to all of the great online banking features that Wells Fargo has to offer. You can receive alerts and notifications about changes in your accounts and easily access your banking information on the go. And for you safety, each time you exit the app, it will log you out automatically to help protect you against fraud and identity theft. Safe and easy access to your banking, all you have to do is login to Wells Fargo on your computer or your phone.

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