How to Login To Hotmail on iPhone

Step by step
How to Login To Hotmail on iPhone

Logging into Hotmail on your iPhone just got easier! Hotmail is officially part of outlook so you don’t have to worry about going through the web browser or downloading an app to access your Hotmail inbox. Now you can use the built-in mail app on your iPhone to access it. And once you set up your account, you don’t have to worry about signing in every time you want to check your email. Here is a guide with step-by-step instructions of how to login to Hotmail on an iPhone.

Open Settings

iphone hotmail screenshot settings

Find the “Settings” app on your phone. It is usually located on the home screen, unless you have moved it into a folder. Once you have found the “Settings” app, tap it once to open it.

Open Mail

iphone hotmail screenshot settings

Once you have opened “Settings”, scroll down the screen a little ways to find the “Mail” menu. If you see the “Music” menu, you have gone too far. Once you find the “Mail” menu, tap it once to open it.

Open Accounts

iphone hotmail screenshot settings

Now that you have opened the “Mail” menu, the first item you should see is “Accounts”. Tap on “Accounts” to open a list of all accounts that you are logged into on this phone.

Add Account

iphone hotmail screenshot settings add account

Under the “Accounts” menu, you will see any accounts you are logged into and an “Add Account” option. Select add account to sign into your Hotmail account.

Select “Outlook.com”

iphone hotmail screenshot settings outlook

When you go to add an account, you will see seven options. You want to select the 6th option, “Outlook.com” thanks to Microsoft and Hotmail working together, you can now login to your Hotmail and Outlook accounts the same way. Once you have selected “Outlook.com”, move to step six.

Type in Your Email

iphone hotmail screenshot settings email

Now you have the options to type your email, phone number or Skype name associated with your account. Since you are logging into your Hotmail account, type your email addess @hotmail.com. It should looks something like this: youremail@hotmail.com Then you can click “Next”.

Type in Your Password and Wait for Verification

iphone hotmail screenshot settings password

Now you have reached the final step. Type your secret password and click “Sign in”. Then you can wait for verification.

That’s it, that is all it takes. Just seven easy steps and you are logged into your Hotmail account on your iPhone. Now you will be able to access your inbox and other folders you have attached to your Hotmail account right on your phone.

You will also receive notifications every time that you receive an email in your inbox so you don’t have to worry about missing important email communication anymore. Thanks to Microsoft, accessing Hotmail on your iPhone couldn’t be easier.

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