How to Learn How to Type

How to Learn How to Type

In the Age of Technology, being able to type is an important skill that is useful not only in your daily life but also in many jobs. Whether you are a teacher typing student worksheets, a lawyer writing appeals, or a businessman or woman sending emails to your fellow employees, typing is important. If you aren’t comfortable behind a keyboard, you waste precious time even just trying to send an email to your family members or type a Facebook message. If you are still punching away at the keyboard with one finger, here are a few tips to teach you how to learn to type.


Sign Up for a Keyboarding Class


If there is a technical college or even a university in your hometown or nearby, consider signing up for a once or twice weekly keyboarding class. Some community colleges even offer classes like these for free from time to time. You can also check out career centers and places like that because typing or keyboarding is a useful skill in the work place and career advancement places will sometimes offer classes to teach typing and basic computer skills.


Buy a Keyboarding Book


If you prefer to self-study, there are many different books you can by with step by step instructions on how to use proper techniques for typing. You can search for things like keyboarding 101” and “how to type”. You could probably even find some at your local library and just borrow them instead of having to spend money to go out and buy one. But these books are great because they actually give you activities to practice typing so you aren’t sitting there trying to think of what to type. And each activity is focused of different aspects of typing and they include a lot of useful tips and hints.


Use Free Online Resources


Again, the Age of Technology is now and there are so many free resources on the internet for increasing typing speed, typing practices, and even just learning the basics of typing. Just do an internet search for “typing lessons”, “Learn to type”, “Typing Practice” or something along those lines and you will find numerous resources out there.


Ready to Type a Novel? 

Now that you have learned how to type, you can increase your speed with more practice. It’s just like learning to ride a bike, the more you practice, the better you will get at it. Though you don’t actually have to type a novel to get good at typing, the more time you spend tapping away on your keyboard, the more comfortable you will become with typing.


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