How to Join a Yahoo Group

Step by step
How to Join a Yahoo Group

You may have a Yahoo log-in, but do you know the full capabilities of your account? Joining a Yahoo Group is a great way to find people on Yahoo with your same hobby interests that you do. By using this feature, you will stay more connected to people around the world that are just like you.

Yahoo Account

Yahoo Account screenshot

You must first have a Yahoo Account to get started. Enter your e-mail and password if you already have one. If not, click the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the screen, and if you have forgotten your Yahoo information, click the “Trouble signing in?” link.

Groups Link

yahoo group link

Once you have logged in, look to the purple tab that runs the length of the page. In the middle of the purple strip is the “Groups” link. Click it to start looking for a group that interests you.

Finding a Group

yahoo groups find

A new screen will give you a bunch of groups to choose from under the “Browse Groups” section. They range from Business & Finance to Science. Pick the group that interests you the most.

Choosing a Group

yahoo group

When choosing a group, click the one you want to join. For example, if you click “Music,” there will be more options you can choose from to narrow down your search. When you have found the group you want to join, click the group name (ex. Band-in-a-Box).

Joining a Group

join group yahoo

To join a Group, through Yahoo, click the Join Group box, which has a “+” sign surrounded by a purple box. This is the first step to adding yourself to a new group.

Sending a Request

request screenshot

To send a request to the group you want to join, you need to add a Display Name. This can be the same Display Name that you have with Yahoo Mail. Also, you will have to decide how you want the messaged delivered, and type in a code before sending your request.

Receiving and Replying to a Confirmation

replying confirmation

You will now have to wait for a confirmation e-mail from the group you are wanting to add. As soon as you have received the e-mail, click the confirmation link and you will be added to the Group.

Starting a New Group

yahoo group starting new

If you can’t find the group you are looking for, you can create one yourself. Do this by clicking the “Start a New Group” button after you are on the “Groups” page. You will need to create a name, description, web address, group e-mail, category, and other options to move forward with your Group.

Finding a Group that connects to you on Yahoo is very important when chatting with others on the Internet. Knowing where to go and what to do will get you connected today.

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