How to Join a Group on Facebook

How to Join a Group on Facebook

At the heart of Facebook is the ability to connect to other people, and knowing how to join a group on Facebook will help you to find like minded people for all your hobbies and interests.  By joining a group you can discover new talents, share ideas with others and make new friends.

Types of Facebook Groups

There are 3 types of groups that you can join on Facebook.  These are:

  1. Public - A public group is one where the people on your friends list will be able to see that you are part of it, and anything you post or comment on in that group will appear on their wall. 
  2. Private - A private group means that whilst your friends will be able to see that you are a member of that group, they won't see what you post – only the other group members will see what you post. 
  3. Secret - A secret group is just that, a secret. Unlike public and private groups, Secret groups can't be searched for.  You need to be invited by a member of that group. The people on your friends list won't know that you are part of any secret groups and they won't be able to see anything you post.

I have carried out the search from my phone, but the steps are exactly the same if you were using a PC or tablet.  To join a group on Facebook, all you need to do is to follow the steps below;

1) Search for a an interest group

In the main search bar at the top of your page, type in the words that you are interested in.  The example below shows my search for a group called 'I Love Facebook'. 

facebook search

2) Finding the group of your choice

When you carry out this type of search on Facebook, it will only show a small selection, so you just need to press the option that says 'see all', as shown in the picture below. 

facebook search image

Then when you have found the group of interest, just click on it.

3) Group guidelines

It's very important before you request to join a Facebook group that you read the group guidelines. With the group I have requested to join, these are very clearly stated. 

However, if you can't see them easily, then select the option on the group's page that says 'View Group info' and this should give you a heads up of the do's and dont's for that group. If they don't have any guidelines, then don't worry. 

facebook group

4) Request to join

Once you are happy that this is the group that you want to join and you have read their guidelines and you feel confident that you won't break them or that your reasons for requesting to join are in line with their requirements, then just press the 'Join Group' button. 

5) What happens now?

By pressing 'Join Group' button, a notification gets sent to the group administrator or people that run the group, that you have requested to join. They will then review your request and either accept or reject you. If you are accepted, then you will receive a notification to say that your request has been accepted and you can then start to post in that Facebook group. However, if you don't receive anything back, then it means that your request has been rejected. 

Please be aware that being accepted into a group can take some time depending on how often the administrators check their Facebook group pages.

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