How to Hide Sensitive Content on Twitter

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How to Hide Sensitive Content on Twitter

Are you concerned what is out there in this day and age on social media that could harm you? If you are a user of social media or a parent who wants to keep their children safe, then you should learn how to hide sensitive content on Twitter. Protecting your best interests is very important when using social media.

Account Log-In

Account Log-In screenshot twitter

To get started, you need to log into your Twitter account on the device of your choice. First, input your phone number, e-mail, or username, and then insert your password. When you have finished adding this information, hit the “Log in” button. If, at any time, you forget your password, hit the “Forgot password?” button.

Settings and Privacy

twitter settings and privacy

After you have logged into your Twitter account, go to the top left-hand corner of your screen and click your profile picture. This will bring down a whole menu of items to choose from. Click the “Settings and privacy” tab to move forward.

Privacy and Safety

Privacy and Safety twitter screenshot

Next, you will see a variety of options to go through. Click the second tab choice called “Privacy and safety.”

Safety Options

twitter safety screenshot

Scroll down to the “Safety” section, and you will see three options: “Muted,” “Blocked accounts,” and “Notifications.” Click “Notifications” to start personalizing your account safety settings.

Filter Choices

twitter filter

You have now come to the “Filters” section: “Advanced filters,” “Muted,” and “Blocked accounts.” Picking any three of these choices will help you hide sensitive material on your device.

Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters twitter

To help keep sensitive content at bay, “Advanced Filters” can be your very best friend. You can mute material from people by filtering through a plethora of options. Depending on what you want, you can mute people you do not Twitter follow, people who do not give you a Twitter follow, people with new accounts, etc. Pick settings that you feel most comfortable about for you and your lifestyle.


twitter muted screenshot

Another filter you can choose to add is the “Muted” filter. This setting gives you the freedom to mute words or accounts that you do not want to see on your Twitter feed. Just type in the name of the account or a word you do not want to see on your feed, and Twitter will make sure that it is hidden from sight to protect what you see. This really helps if you know of an account or word that brings up suggestive material.

Protecting you and your family from suggestive material on Twitter is necessary to help keep social media a positive place for all who have an account. Now, get to filtering your settings and enjoy the safe fun that you can have on Twitter.

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