How to Create a Group on Facebook

How to Create a Group on Facebook

Knowing how to create a group on Facebook can not only help you to learn new skills and increase your social circle, but you can also help other people to increase their skills and social connections.  Follow these simple steps to create your group.

1) Creating your Facebook group

You can find the option to create a group on the bottom of your Facebook menu bar on the left hand side of the screen.  Under the word 'Create', you'll see various options to create items for sharing on Facebook.  Click the 'Group' option and you're off.

facebook group screenshot

Next up, you have to press the 'Create' button and you'll be presented with a pop up box which will enable you to fully create your group. 

facebook group create

The first thing that you will need is a group name.  As the creator of the group, it is entirely your choice in terms of what you want it to be called.

facebook group information

The next part of this box is to invite people into the group.  Type in the names of a couple of Facebook friends who will be interested in joining your group.  You will need to invite at least one friend to your group otherwise it can't be created.

Setting the group's privacy status is the next part that needs to be completed.  There are three types of privacy for Facebook groups;

  • Public – where everyone can see it and members friends can see what they post in the group.  This group is also search-able through Facebook search.
  • Private – this means that only members can what each other post in the group and it's not shared on their Facebook walls.  This type of group is still search-able through Facebook search.
  • Secret – Again only members can see each others posts, however, this type of group isn't search-able.  It will be invite only, and only the members of the group can invite or add people.

Once you have completed the parts of the box, you can press the 'create group' button.

2) Icons

You'll then see another pop up box, this time you can pick an icon for your group.  The icon will appear next to your group name if someone searches for it, but only if you don't have a group profile picture.  If you have a group profile picture, then that will appear next to your group name instead.  This stage is entirely optional as you don't have to have an icon. If you don't want to have an icon, then just press the 'skip' button.

icon facebook image

3) Profile picture

Once your group has been created, you can start to personalize it.  Personalizing your group is similar to your own Facebook page as you will need to have a profile picture.  For copyright purposes, it's probably best to upload one of your own pictures here.

So now you know how to create a group on Facebook, you can start to add more people or share it to your own personal wall to encourage others to request to join if it's a public or personal group.

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